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Criminal Laws

Criminal law is a vital branch of the legal system, and our specialized lawyers in the UAE are ready to represent clients in various criminal cases.
We offer comprehensive experience to navigate the complex judicial system. We have lawyers with extensive experience and knowledge in the UAE's criminal law and criminal justice system. They have a broad background in representing individuals and entities in criminal cases before various courts in the UAE, covering all types and forms of criminal proceedings.
Our criminal law services at Al Itizan Lawyers and Legal Consultants Office include:

- Information crimes
- Drug cases
- Cases of premeditated murder and attempted murder
- Thefts
- Kidnapping cases
- Assault cases
- Crimes of beating and wounding
- Money laundering cases
- Cases of defamation and threats
- Defamation and extortion cases
- Crimes of embezzlement and breach of trust
- Crimes of fraud

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